To make a referral for an adult at risk in Birmingham or Walsall follow the links below.  


We work in partnership with POhWER to deliver services in Walsall.

Referrals can be made on their site by using the below link:

Young People’s Advocacy

We unfortunately have no more funding to work at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We hope to have more funding to work with young people soon.

Hear to Help

Have you been left needing support since the Coronavirus? Are you a person with support needs? Or the parent/carer of person with support needs? Or are you feeling lonely and worried and need to hear a friendly voice?

If you live in Birmingham or Walsall, we are Hear to Help.

Call us on 0121 321 2377, any time between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, or complete this form and we’ll contact you.