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Never Give Up Day 18th August 2021

Posted on 12th August 2021


Never Give Up Day is about a mindset of determination to help us get through even the hardest of challenges. It’s about motivating others, inspiring ourselves and remembering that even in hard times, the hardest, we can keep going. 

People who never gave up:

Michael Jordan

Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, a heart-breaking experience for any teenager. Then he became one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game.

J.K. Rowling

Rowling had her first Harry Potter novel rejected 12 times and was told “not to quit her day job.” Her latest novels (anonymously penned) continue to get rejection letters.

Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey’s on-air career had a rocky start. She was hired as co-anchor of the evening news at Baltimore’s ABC affiliate, an enviable job for a young journalist, but was dropped after just a few months.

Henry Ford

Ford left his long-term, comfortable job in 1889 to establish the Detroit Automobile Company with $150,000 of investor money. A little over a year later it went bankrupt.


Jay-Z was turned down as a rapper in the early 1990s by every record label in the business, with some stating he was too old, and some concerned that he wasn’t “hard” enough, as he didn’t rap about drugs or crime. Instead of giving up, he formed his own record label to release his first album.

The Beatles

The Beatles were turned down by almost every record label despite some local success playing cover songs in United Kingdom bars and clubs. In one infamous rejection, an executive at Decca Records declined to sign them because “guitar groups are on the way out” and “The Beatles have no future in show business.” Ouch.

Laura Collet

(Olympic hero) gold medallist came eight years after an accident that nearly killed her and permanently blinded her in one eye. She told Horse Magazine: ‘I have blurred vision in a quarter of the eye and the rest is blacked out. ‘I have no recollection of my accident at all.

Independent Advocates

The core of what we do is to be tenacious and support vulnerable and disabled people not to give up on reaching their goals.

If you are disabled or vulnerable and want an advocate to support you to reach you goals make a referral