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Advocacy can be a hard thing to explain. It is often mistaken for something legal. Advocacy is about being a voice for those who do not have one or feel they are not being listened to. To bring the work we do to life read our advocacy stories below.

Suzanne’s Story

“If it wasn’t for advocacy I would still be living at a care home as other professionals that were involved with me before have made me promises and let me down”

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Jim’s Story

Jim has dementia, he says he can’t think like he once did, he’s ‘not as sharp’. Jim was befriended and abused.

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‘Advocacy Matters created a new me’.

Sanjay had been isolated at home following an accident. He contacted Advocacy Matters to become a volunteer this is how he felt about his volunteering experience.

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Hear To Help Coronavirus Support

Lucy’s Story

Lucy would not have been able to cope in the crisis without the support of her advocate.  She would have lost contact with the ouside world.

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 Invaluable Support

Jermaine’s Story

Jermaine lived with his older mother who was struggling to cope. He needed to move. His mother says the support Jermaine had was invaluable and she would not hesitate in recommending Advocacy Matters.

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Safeguarding- Neglect

Gareth’s story

A Safeguarding was raised by a Birmingham Hospital when Gareth was brought in with suspected Covid 19 symptoms. He had been brought in by Support Workers from a local Homeless Hostel and was described as ‘in a bad way’.

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Safeguarding- Kathy’s Story

Kathy has a learning disability.  She had no money left and no one knew why. People in the scheme she lived complained as she had been borrowing money. A safeguarding was opened and Kathy got the support of an advocate.

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Jasmine’s Story-  Success

‘when I contacted you earlier this year for your help, I felt as if I had been ‘lost’ in the system’.

Jasmine achieved independence with the support of her advocate and has the adaptation she desperately needed.

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No Life At All

Worst of all, one day a particularly awful carer thought it would be very funny to heat up dog food and get Richard to eat it. Richard eat it as he was scared. All the staff had a good laugh at his expense.

Independent Advocacy set Richard free from a life of torment and abuse.

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