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Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme

Posted on 12th December 2019

Advocacy Matters is proud to be supporting this project. Stefan Carter is going to undertake the training to become a reviewer to support with this vital work.

The LeDeR Programme supports local areas in England to review the deaths of people with learning disabilities aged 4 years and over.
A confidential telephone number and website enables families and other key people to notify the LeDeR team of the death of someone with learning disabilities.
An initial review of the death will then take place. The purpose of this is to provide sufficient information to be able to determine if there are any areas of concern in relation to the care of the person who has died, and if any further learning could be gained from a multiagency review of the death that would contribute to improving practice.

The local reviewer would speak to family members, friends, professionals and anyone else involved in supporting the person who has died to find out more about their life and the circumstances leading to their death.