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July is Good Care Month

Posted on 15th July 2020

Care home staff and residents have been facing a particularly challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Care staff have been caring for a vulnerable population with limited clinical support and a reduced workforce.

The outbreak is also having a devastating impact on people working in social care. When adjusted for age and sex, social care workers have twice the rate of death due to COVID-19 compared to the general population.

The Good Care Campaign is about celebrating the great work care staff do each and every day and sharing it. Care Workers have been on the frontline during Covid-19 crisis fighting a daily battle but not wavering or giving up on the vulnerable people they support despite the pressure and sometimes undesirable conditions. Some lost people they supported but they continued with great courage to take great care of the elderly, disabled and cognitively impaired individuals in their charge.

Advocacy Matters salutes you.