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Dementia Action Week 17- 23rd May 2021

Posted on 17th May 2021


The Alzheimer’s Society is calling on the Government to cure the care system now.

The social care system means that in the UK, approximately 1 million people with dementia and their families are struggling to get the support and care that they need.

Years of underfunding and neglect have led to a care system that’s hard to access, expensive and inadequate. The  pandemic has exposed these problems, laying bare the issues.

Until there is policy change, a dementia diagnosis will continue to claim more than one life.  As families facing dementia are struggling to cope.

To read more about the campaign and sign the Alzheimer’s Society petition for better care and futures for people with dementia and their families follow the links.

Advocacy Matters have signed up will you?

At advocacy matters we have seen the devastation that can befall a family when one of its members has dementia and they do not have the support services they need. We will be putting a story out on our website to illustrate the issues families face later this week.