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20 Years of Advocacy Matters- Poem by Robert Punton

Posted on 13th April 2022

Advocacy Matters

When it feels like the sky is falling on your head
Advocacy Matters
When it seems all the walls that protect you
Fall and crumble around your ears
Advocacy Matters
When those who hold power of your existence
Use words and language you cannot understand
Advocacy Matters
When no one sees you, no one hears you
Advocacy Matters
There are times when it is too hard to
Speak up, Stand up, for yourself. That is when
Advocacy Matters

For twenty years Advocacy Matters
Has been there for people when Advocacy mattered
When others faltered and fell not through any fault of their own
Advocacy Matters stood tall refused to fall
When others fell silent for lack of funding
Advocacy Matters continued to shout aloud
Advocacy Matters for what you have done
What you continue to do under much struggle and strain
As endless Council cuts cause you financial pain
The community Salutes You
The people Thank You
We ask how we can support you?

Social Justice is a principle as essential to life as the intake of oxygen – Robert Punton.

Robert Punton is a poet and campaigner writing and working towards achieving social justice.

Listen to Rob reading Advocacy matters Here

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