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Volunteers Week 2024-Nuala

Posted on 28th May 2024

#VolunteersWeek   Vol to Vol: Advocacy Matters and Us

Volunteer Advocate/Befriender, Janell chatting to Admin Volunteer, Nuala

I’m an Office Volunteer and complete the minutes for the Steering group that I also attend. As well as doing other admin/events support. Mostly, I’m an animal parent to Buddy(my dog) and Ferbie(my cat).

After working with an Advocate over 18yrs ago, I then approached AM to volunteer. They asked me to answer the phones. Now, I type minutes, do feedback forms and so much more.

When AM celebrated their 20th anniversary they created a film called Personal Best that included me and my family-telling my story. l even went to the BBC to be interviewed on Radio WM.

·     How I make a difference:

By helping AM to do general admin, agendas and Steering group invites. I get positive feedback and was even their Volunteer of the year 2021.

Also, I have recently been nominated and invited to join The Big Thank you Celebration in June, being held at the Great Hall, University of Birmingham, hosted by HM The King’s representative in the West Midlands, Lord-Lieutenant Sir John Crabtree.

As one of the 50 volunteers selected as a thank you for outstanding contribution, as a volunteer.

Vols factoids: Motivations to volunteer

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