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Volunteering Route to Employment

Posted on 28th May 2021

Rohan’s Story

Rohan volunteered with Advocacy Matters before applying to become a paid member of our staff team. Volunteering gave Rohan an excellent training in advocacy. He was then the best applicant on the day.

How’s life Rohan? 

Strange but good – getting better every day.

What does volunteering mean to you?

Going that extra mile and not expecting anything in return. Your generating good karma. You may encourage others along the way to also share their time and skills.

In my religion (Sikhism) we have Seva – whereby you  are encouraged to volunteer in your community – to support and help others in need, without expectations and payment.

Why advocacy and how do you go from a Advocate Volunteer to new career?

I had a background in IT for years but wanted a change so went into health and social care, supporting people at a senior level. It engaged me from the beginning- helping to unravel people’s issues.

The Volunteer Advocacy course was recommended to me it, gave me more knowledge and  skills; to become a better version of myself – to also help others.

Watch Rohan’s Video and hear about his journey in his own voice.

Would you like a career in Independent Advocacy?

Why not volunteer with Advocacy Matters.  Contact Joyce Wallace joyce.wallace@advocacy

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