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Trustees Week 2020

Posted on 2nd November 2020

Thank You to Advocacy Matters Trustees without you we would not be here making a difference to the lives of citizens in Birmingham and Walsall.

Trustees’ Week is an annual event showcasing the great work of the 700,000 volunteer trustees who run charities in England and Wales. Trustees volunteer to take on ultimate legal, strategic oversight responsibility for an organisation’s work. They play an essential leadership role in any charity.

It’s an opportunity to highlight the excellent work of trustees, management boards to improve their governance, and encourage new people to consider trusteeship and volunteering opportunities.

Read more on the NCVO Website

Advocacy Matters would like to thank our dedicated and tirelessly hard working board of trustees. They are always there for us good times and bad. They have done their upmost to support us through the difficult financial times coronavirus has brought us.

If you would like to consider being a trustee for Advocacy Matters and support us to help the most vulnerable in society follow this link.