At Advocacy Matters we believe every child and young person has a voice and we enable young people to express their views, wishes and feelings by encouraging them to speak up. Independent Advocacy tries to provide young people with sufficient information to make decisions that directly affect their lives.

Birmingham Children's Hospital

Our ‘Hear Me Out’ project also provides Independent Advocacy to young people aged 13-18 years old in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. An Independent Advocate supports a young person to have a voice and to be listened to and, empowers the young person to make the decisions that they want for themself. As one young person said, “My advocate helped me change my life, without them I would still be unhappy”.

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Young People’s Advocacy: Hear Me Out

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    In order to provide you with independent advocacy support, Advocacy Matters has asked you to provide some personal data. Advocacy Matters will store and process this information in line with our Privacy Notice that can be found here. This explains your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will only process your personal data for the purposes of your independent advocacy support. We will keep your personal data secure and will only hold it for as long as is necessary and in line with our retention schedule. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time