As from 1st July 2017 Advocacy Matters provides Care Act advocacy in Walsall. Social Care teams in the local authority have a duty to make sure that people are fully involved in understanding and making decisions about the care and support they need. For those people who find it very difficult to be fully involved in the care process, independent advocacy is available if they have nobody independent to support them. Individuals may have very supportive family members but they may not be able to attend reviews, assessments or meetings.  In this case, the individual would be entitled to a statutory Care Act Advocate.

For eligible people, independent advocates are available to support them to understand, plan for and be involved in their:

  1. Care assessments
  2. Care and support planning
  3. Care and support reviews
  4. Safeguarding enquiries
  5. And, for safeguarding adult reviews, previously known as serious case reviews.

Advocates work with individuals to help them make their own decisions, will support people to understand the care and support process they will be involved in and to tell professionals their wishes and preferences about their future care and support needs.

You may be eligible for advocacy support if you are:

  1. An adult who needs care and support
  2. A carer
  3. A child who is making the transition to adult care services

GDPR statement

Walsall Council are the Data Controller for Walsall Care Act referrals. Please be aware that Walsall Council has a new web privacy area and data protection area where privacy and subject access is covered.

The Council also have a new ‘How we use your data guide’ which is also downloadable within this area at

How to refer (Referrals can only be made by Social Workers)

Wallsall: Care Act

    About the person requiring support

    About the person making the referral


    In order to provide you with independent advocacy support, Advocacy Matters has asked you to provide some personal data. Advocacy Matters will store and process this information in line with our Privacy Notice that can be found here. This explains your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will only process your personal data for the purposes of your independent advocacy support. We will keep your personal data secure and will only hold it for as long as is necessary and in line with our retention schedule. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time