Social Care teams in the local authority have a duty to make sure that people are fully involved in understanding and making decisions about the care and support they need.

For those people who find it very hard to be fully involved in the care process, independent advocacy is available if they have nobody independent to support them through the process. Individuals may have very supportive family members but who are unable to attend reviews, assessments or meetings. This would mean that the individual would be entitled to a statutory Care Act Advocate.

For eligible people, independent advocates are available to support them to understand, plan for and be involved in their:

  1. Care assessments
  2. Care and support planning
  3. Care and support reviews
  4. Safeguarding enquiries
  5. And, for safeguarding adult reviews, previously known as serious case reviews.

Advocates work with individuals to help them make their own decisions, will support people to understand the care and support process they will be involved in and to tell professionals their wishes and preferences about their future care and support needs.

You may be eligible for advocacy support if you are:

  1. An adult who needs care and support
  2. A carer
  3. A child who is making the transition to adult care services

How to refer

Advocacy Matters is part of the Birmingham Advocacy Hub. We deliver the service in partnership with POhWER, East Birmingham Collective, deafPLUS and Birmingham Mind.

The single point of access for the Birmingham Advocacy Hub is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) and can be contacted by:


Call 0300 456 2370


0300 456 2364


Send the word ’pohwer’ with your name and number to 81025




0300 456 2365


PO 14043 Birmingham B6 9BL