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Organ Donation Week 2021

Posted on 22nd September 2021

Talking about Organ Donation

This week is organ donation week. The NHS want to encourage conversations with family and friends about this subject. The law has changed and it is now an opt out not opt in for organ donation. However your family or friends will still be consulted if organ donation is a possibility. 

Your family or representative can overturn your decision if they aren’t sure what you want, but 9 in 10 families support organ donation going ahead when they know that’s what their loved ones had wanted. Read more at the NHS

The NHS campaign wants you to hang a heart in your window to make the pledge to talk about your donation decision this Organ Donation Week! Down load one here

If you’ve already had the conversation, show your heart to encourage others to have theirs.  Its important we support everyone to have another chance.