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Nuala Ryan- Advocacy Matters Volunteer

Posted on 29th June 2023

I play a sport called boccia. Boccia is a bowling game played with leather red, blue and white balls in which you have to try and score points by getting your coloured ball closer to the white ball than the oppositions boccia balls. I have played boccia for Special Olympics Sutton Coldfield for nearly 14 years. We have a competition each year where we invite clubs from the West Midlands to play against us and each other. I have won several medals including gold and silver. It’s a nice feeling winning a medal. It’s good to be part of a team, we practice each week to improve our boccia skills for the next competition – whether locally or at an invitation from another club.

I also go to a club once a week called Maryvale. When I’m there I do card making. However, lately I’ve been learning how to crochet. Learning new skills helps improve my confidence and I enjoy the company of others too.

I have been a volunteer for Advocacy Matters for about 18 years, though go there more often than I did in the early years. When I’m there I do office work which I enjoy very much. Volunteering for Advocacy Matters helps with my confidence in communicating with the staff and others.

My activities above shows that people with a learning disability can accomplish things in life which gives them confidence and that there should be no barriers to stop you doing whatever you want to achieve.