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National Gardening Week

Posted on 27th April 2021

National Gardening Week will take place from Monday to Sunday, 26 April-2 May 2021 and everyone in the UK is encouraged to get involved.

National Gardening Week is the nation’s biggest celebration of gardening. It raises awareness of the difference that gardens and gardening can make to the lives of everyone in the UK. It inspires more people, particularly the next generation of gardeners, to experience the joy of growing and create beautiful green spaces.

I am not the worlds best gardener. My mother and her father were excellent gardeners. The borders were neat the lawn was rolled in stripes and looked like a bowling green. I thought I would be a good gardener, but as it turns out I detest cutting grass, weeding and trimming bushes especially Pyracantha ( dangerous). Not overly fond of insects! However I do like a few bedding plants.  This is my bath tub- just about manageable for me, just a bit of watering.

Why don’t you get involved if I can make a garden- it can’t be very hard.

Why not help the bees out ( I like them so does the planet) and plant wild flowers. Scattering seeds across a scrubby lawn can transform it into a meadow.


Elssa Keegan CEO Advocacy Matters