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Jason and the Argonauts- Steering Group Relaunch.

Posted on 13th July 2022

Art Workshop with Jason Wilsher-Mills

On the 29th of June Advocacy Matters relaunched the Steering group. A rebirth after all the tribulations of the last two years and our inability to meet up.

Wow what a fantastic event with Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills.

Jason creates art using digital technology, 3D printing and painting. He is currently working on an exciting and high profile project for the Birmingham Festival 2022 .
Attendees will learn to create digital Self -Portraits -which will be used to accompany 3 new large sculptures to be created by Jason and displayed in Walsall and the Black Country.

Spectacular portraits were produced some of which I am sharing below:

A massive thank you to all that participated- you are all great artists. Thank you to Jason Wilsher- Mills for running the event and for inspiring such wonderful artworks. Thank you to Rose Saeed and Joyce Wallace for organising and coordinating such a creative experience.