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International Assistance Dog Week 2-8 August 2020

Posted on 3rd August 2020

Assistance Dog Week is about celebrating the devoted, hardworking dogs helping individuals with disabilities.

Over 7,000 disabled people in the UK rely on an assistance dog to help with practical tasks – offering emotional support and independence.

With more than one million wheelchair users in the UK, the waiting list for assistance dogs is ever-growing. The demand for more of these amazing dogs is higher than ever. Assistance Dogs:

The most commonly known Assistance Dog is the Guide Dog but there are many more. There are Canine Partners for disabled people to support with everyday tasks, Hearing Dogs for deaf people to alert them to alarms and noises- they can be an alarm clock. There are Support Dogs for people with medical issues such as epilepsy and Emotional Support Dogs for people on the Autistic Spectrum.

Advocacy Matters have seen the work of Assistance Dogs first hand and understand the essential work they do and the difference they make to disabled peoples lives.

They really are Super Heroes