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Good Care Month

Posted on 26th July 2022

What does good Care Month mean to Advocacy Matters?

Good Care Month is observed during the entire month of July. It aims to acknowledge our hard-working social care workers and the services they provide for those in need throughout the U.K.

What does good care look like? It is about compassion, patience, skill, reliability and empathy.

A good carer ensures the people they care for, whether they’re elderly people or people recovering from an accident or long-term illness, feel safe, secure and most importantly that they are being treated with dignity and respect.

Why be a paid carer?

Working in the care sector is an incredibly rewarding job. It is one of the most commonly spoken about reasons to be a carer. Carers make a difference to someone’s quality of life everyday, supporting them to remain living in their own home, giving independence.

Working as Carer is so important read about Harry.

Harry was living all alone. He was stuck in the house and struggled to get his shopping or clean up since his wife died last year. He reached out to Advocacy Matters who supported him to get a social worker and a needs assessment.  Harry now has a team of carers who visit him daily.  They do his shopping, help him clean up.