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Cervical Cancer Protection Week- part of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

Posted on 19th January 2021

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month 2021 Throughout January, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) will mark Cervical Cancer Awareness Month with a series of tweets, videos, and infographics.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is an opportunity to raise awareness on the risks of cervical cancer, and help women and people with cervixes learn about how to reduce these risks and prevent the illness. It’s vital that you are:

Attending cervical screening when invited;

knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer;

seeking medical advice if experiencing any.

Below are six symptoms of cervical cancer.

1. Vaginal discharge that is unusual in terms of smell, colour or amount

2. Abnormal bleeding between periods

3. Bleeding after intercourse

4. Increased menstrual bleeding

5. Pelvic pain

6. Pain during intercourse

For more information visit NHS Cervical Cancer Information

If you have an of the above symptoms please seek medical advice make an appointment and see your GP. Do not ignore these symptoms early diagnosis means a better prognosis.

If you have cancer you might be worried about how the sharp increase in coronavirus infections will affect cancer treatment, care and support. 

The NHS maintains that Cancer services are an absolute priority. The rapid rise in COVID-19 infections and hospitalisations put more pressures on hospitals, but staff are working hard to ensure that cancer diagnosis and treatment can continue safely. 

If you are worried and feel that your treatment is delayed or feel you are not being listened to you may need an advocate to support you to complain? You can contact the POhWER Advocacy Hub on 0300 456 2370 for support with NHS Complaints.

Or you can make a referral to Advocacy Matters for the support of our physical disabilities advocate.