Sanjay had been isolated at home following an accident. He contacted Advocacy Matters to become a volunteer this is how he felt about his volunteering experience.

‘I had never done volunteering before; I was hesitant especially as a wheelchair user. I started when there were only a few people. The people gave love, care and confidence. People accepted me as I was. I got different experiences and met varied people. It has given me a hope that life can still be fun. I needed emotional support to live life.

I was searching for my identity. I wanted to do something good, to contribute to the society; volunteering gave me a feeling of fulfilment rather than just looking after my own needs.

I told my social worker I wanted to be in a new environment, and she found me Advocacy Matters in 2003. I brought smiles to Advocacy Matters and administration support’.

Volunteering at Advocacy Matters created a new me. I’m more confident as an individual.  Volunteering made me realise disabled people can be accepted in society. The work helped me with my self-worth, I’m not inferior and made me confident in a group’.