Kathy has a learning disability and needs the support of others to manage her money. Kathy lived independently with some support from paid carers. She struggled to understand how much things in the shops cost. She would believe what she was told by her carers and let them take whatever money they said they needed to do her shopping.

Kathy could not work out what change she would need or how much to give. She would give her carers 20 pounds to by a bag of chips and not question them when they said there was no money left.

The Warden at housing scheme where she lived raised a safeguarding with the local authority because Kathy had no money and was borrowing lots from her neighbours. Her Neighbours complained to the warden and wanted their money back.

The allocated social worker referred Kathy for an advocate to help her to understand about her money and to help her say what she would like to happen. Kathy decided with support from her advocate that she would like someone official from Birmingham city council to take care of her money. An appointeeship was made for her. Her advocate used some play money to try and help her to understand how much money had gone missing and what it would have been able to buy. Together they worked on a plan to pay the neighbours back their money. Kathy’s advocate told the appointee what she would like to do and they ensured the money was paid back.

Kathy was happy with the outcome she understood more about her money and knew there was someone looking out for her. She was glad her appointee would make sure this could not happen again.

Kathy is much happier.  ‘Thank you to my advocate she made it easier for me to understand about my money’

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