‘The advocate made it easier for us to be able find our way through the system’

Jermaine has physical health needs following a hip operation which was unsuccessful. He lived at home with his elderly mother who has her own ongoing health issues and was struggling to care for him.

Jermaine attended a day centre 5 days a week and staff there were also struggling to manage his behaviour. Both family and staff at the day centre felt it would be appropriate if Jermaine moved into a permanent placement of his own.

Jermaine required advocacy to establish what his views, wishes and feelings about of moving out of the family home into his own place.

Jermaine said that he has never lived away from his mum and would worry about her but eventually warmed to the idea of moving somewhere else as long as it was near to his mum.

A referral was made to social services and a social worker was allocated to undertake an assessment. A number of different places were offered and the advocate helped him to say which one was right for him.

Due to delays in getting funding for the place he wanted Jermaine was not able to move. A complaint was made on his behalf to the local authority and ombudsman and his advocate supported him with this.

When another place was found a quicker process meant that Jermaine was able to move. The advocate supported to ensure all the plans were in place. With good communication between the home and the local authority, facilitated by the advocate, everything went smoothly.

Jermaine has moved into his place after completing his transition plan last month. He likes his room and is very happy and settled. He and his family are very grateful for advocacy input.

‘We would not have managed to get through the system without the support of Advocacy Matters’.

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