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Carers Rights Day 25th November 2021- Rohan Manghra

Posted on 18th November 2021

What is a Carer? This is a very good question.

A Carer is someone who cares for someone – either a family member, relative, friend or a neighbour with a health condition or disability with various support. They could be of any age. I myself became a Carer for a Family member when I was aged 10 years old.

The person or persons they care for, may be on certain DWP benefits such as PIP, ESA, UC, DLA etc or may not be on any.

Since April 2015, in the UK, unpaid Carers have the rights to:

Carers Rights Day 2021 is on Thursday 25th November! Find out more at Carers UK

Not every Carer is entitled to Carers Allowance but this does not mean they cannot be registered as a Carer. This quite a misconception at the moment. If you are or know of someone who may be a Carer, then they can be referred (or self-refer) to their local Carers Hub.

Local Carers Hubs can offer a wide range of support for registered Carers, such as Carers ID Cards, access to Wellbeing Classes and Activities for Carers to enjoy, access to Carers discounts, access to Carers Wellbeing payments (dependent on the specific area that Local Carers Hub covers), advice and guidance. These can help improve the overall emotional, physical and mental wellbeing for Carers, because after all, all Carers sometimes need support too!

Do you part for Carers Rights Day 2021. Please spread awareness.