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Bunny Rabbit Rescue

Posted on 30th September 2020

When not in her day job Kathryn Paynter, Operations Manager at Advocacy Matters, volunteers to help with the transportation of bunny rabbits to rescue spaces across the country. 

Despite being one of our nation’s most popular pets, rabbits are the most given up pet of all in the UK and are often abandoned in terrible circumstances.  The RSPCA reported over 5000 calls regarding rabbits last year and the numbers needing safe rescue space and ultimately new loving homes are huge.  

Rescue spaces up and down the country provide a sanctuary for rabbits to spend time before they are found a suitable home and Kathryn provides transport for bunnies to get to these places.  

Just last week 3 baby bunnies were transported from Nottingham to Essex  they are the cutest!  

Kathryn has 4 rabbits of her own who love nothing more than a morning run in the garden and an afternoon snooze in the lounge 🙂  See Emily and Poppy in the photo.

As Independent Advocates we believe in standing up to be a voice for those who cannot whether they be people or animals.  Check out:

Bunnies in Need UK on Facebook

And RWAF on Twitter