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Black History Month- One of My Heroes- Rohan Manghra Independent Advocate.

Posted on 25th October 2022

George Arthur Roberts

This is a really lovely story of a true hero.

It’s the year 1890 and George Arthur Roberts is craving adventure. Leaving Trinidad, he arrives in London at the outbreak of World War 1. He joins the army and gets applauded by all, due to his ability of throwing bombs behind enemy lines, 74 feet no less! He sustained injuries from both the Battle of Loos and the Somme. 

After WW1, George fell in love, settled in Lewis Rd Camberwell, got married to Margaret in 1920 and had two children. When WW2 began, he joined the fire service, working from New Cross Fire Station. He Saved countless lives during the Blitz and was awarded the British Empire Medal.

Last year there was an online vote for people to nominate who they thought deserved a blue plaque on their home and this week, George was declared the winner. 

So there you have it, George was not only one of the first black men to join the British Army, but was also one of the first to join the fire service. Hoorah❤️

Rohan Manghra Independent Advocate at Advocacy Matters.