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Become an Advocacy Matters Trustee

Posted on 10th February 2021

Advocacy Matters are recruiting for volunteer trustees. Why become a Trustee for Advocacy Matters?

Trustees set the strategy of a charity and take key decisions on staffing. So have you ever considered becoming one yourself? Many people report not only that they find trusteeship rewarding, but also that it can help in their day-to-day work and further their careers.

Being a trustee can add value to a CV when you apply for jobs. From a recruitment perspective, it shows that the candidate understands the complexity of the sector, such as how charities work, how they are governed and how decisions are made.

Advocacy Matters is an established Advocacy provider with an excellent reputation in Birmingham and Walsall. The Independent Advocacy we provide makes a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people. Read our stories to see the difference we make. We are creative and dynamic and are looking for a like minded person to join our management committee.

If you have:

Skills such as legal or financial knowledge?
Skills in HR team working or negotiation?
Knowledge of the community and services Advocacy Matters provides?

And have a passion to support the needs of vulnerable adults and young people in Birmingham, Walsall and beyond this may be the ideal role for you and your career. Read About being a trustee/ Committee member or apply or email to ask for more information or apply by email.