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Advocacy Awareness Week – Celebrating the Power and Impact of Advocacy

Posted on 2nd November 2021

Back to Speak Up Square


For Advocacy week this year Advocacy Matters have been making another episode of Ali the Advocate ‘Back to Speak Up Square’.

In this episode Ali enables a Mike to challenge his placement in a care home where he is unhappy. This story illustrates the strength and impact of advocacy to improve peoples lives.

Ali sat in the lounge with Mike, and after they had spoken about the terrible weather, Mike said to Ali, ‘I don’t know why I am still living in this place, Ali.

They said I would only be here a few weeks, but I have been here for ages and ages. Because I’m under a DoLS they won’t even let me go out on my own, but I’m not like the other people here.

They’re worse than me. I’ve been locked up before, but I feel like I am being punished again here, this is much worse!’

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