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Advocacy Awareness Week 26th-30th October

Posted on 22nd October 2020

This is the third annual Advocacy Awareness Week. This is a dedicated week to celebrate and focus on the power and impact of independent advocacy on individuals lives. To find out more from NDTi follow this link

Advocacy Matters Because…….

Every Voice Matters……. Disabled and vulnerable adults are not always listened to. As we know not being listened to or believed is dangerous and has allowed abuse and neglect to continue to children and adults. When we do not feel like we are being heard, we can quickly become isolated, sad, frustrated, and angry.  It is not easy to speak up when oppressed and no one understands. This can be some peoples experience daily. Independent Advocates ensure that people’s stories are heard by those making decisions about them – and for them.

Everyone needs someone on their side……. We all need someone who is there just for us. Advocates take their advocacy partners side. Advocates are not impartial, we are biased totally to the wishes values and beliefs of the person we are supporting. Independent advocates have no affiliation to services or service providers, and our only priority is trying to get the best outcome for the people that we are supporting.

Disabled and Vulnerable people are discriminated against and their rights not upheld………Independent Advocates believe in upholding legal rights and human rights for all people, but especially those with disabilities, impairments or those who lack capacity in decision making. Independent Advocates support some of the most vulnerable people in society to be heard, to make meaningful changes in their lives and to access the services they need and are entitled to.

Please read our advocacy stories: Advocacy in action.

There has never been a more important time for people to have access to independent advocacy. The coronavirus pandemic has left many without the treatment and services they need, in a situation of desperation and isolation.

We really hope you will follow us on twitter and Facebook this week. Listen to and see people who have had advocates and advocates telling their stories. This is what we have planned:

27/10/2020   Interview with an advocacy partner about how advocacy changed their life.

28/10/2020 Interview with an advocate about the difference their work has made.

29/10/2020 Film of advocates at Advocacy Matters saying Advocacy Matters Because…………

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