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Posted on 13th May 2021

Headway UK theme ‘A Life of Lockdown’

The last 12 months has been like no other year with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns being hard on everyone.  For many people living with brain injury this has been a particularly difficult time.

A life of lockdown? 

Headways campaign will focus on social isolation after brain injury, a problem which has been made worse by the pandemic. Whilst the whole populations mental wellbeing has been marred by lack of contact with society, try to envisage every day of your life being lived in isolation. This is the reality for many people who have brain injuries.

The effects of brain injury, such as problems with memory, information processing, or speech, compounded by a lack of understanding of this often hidden disability, can leave survivors lacking the confidence to interact with society.

Headway aim to give a voice to survivors and carers to help them explain to their friends and families the challenges they face as a result of brain injury. As well as having an awareness-raising focus, it will also have positive messages and tools to help people make a difference, such as guides and top tips for friends of brain injury survivors and carers. Visit the Headway website to find out more

Let someone know they’re not alone. Reach out to help out

If you are isolated and need someone to talk to to support with any issues you may be having Advocacy Matters is ‘Hear to Help’. Call us on 0121 321 2377 or make a referral for a Hear to Help volunteer by following this link.